Copywriting, Tweets and Social Media

PinExt Copywriting, Tweets and Social Media

Struggling with writing or posting on social media?

Words do sell and make a dent in who you attract and the relationship you form. Ultimately people do business with who they know, love and trust.  It’s called “relationship marketing.”

Get known now and let your business jump hoops by having me help you.

With a gifting of  words in blog titles and tag lines used by many, twittering is just one example how I can help you move your words further along.  They seem to have a way to fall out of my brain, into my lap and on to others.

There is an art to writing words that sell.  To save you time I offer services that will help you grow your business and focus on your strengths.

Here’s a partial list of what services I offer:


Copywriting (creating content)

creating blog titles

creating tag lines

Need some blog writing with content? Besides being natural with words, I have invested in a millionaire copywriter’s trainings which included reviewing my work.  I am confident what she said about my writing skills will be amazing for your business.

Concentrate on your gifting, move ahead in your business and leave the words to me.

Find me on facebook which is easier as private message or on twitter which limits us to 140 characters.

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th IMG 5565carolgiambri6 08 1 Copywriting, Tweets and Social Media Carol Giambri loves to play with words that sell and has done copywriting programs with a millionaire coach.  For some who don’t love to have fun playing with words, she can help you.  Her other interests include healthy eating green specialist, eating healthy, gardening, photography, alternative health and her dog. She’s got long time marriage stability and is committed to whatever she says or does.  Being authentic is being “real.”


PinExt Copywriting, Tweets and Social Media