What are five reasons to adopt a pet or change your lifestyle?

PinExt What are five reasons to adopt a pet or change your lifestyle?

I just posted a comment online and through I would share it with you here.  I will go into more details about it’s relevance to adopting a pet or changing your lifestyle.

“Quitting is an option, a choice for some or just an excuse? Changing my lifestyle over 35 years ago, adopting dogs for over 40 years, exercising, feeling great, was a choice.  I made the right choice with no regrets.  Are you grateful running your “course?” You are still on time to start over.  New day, new second – start begins with yes.  Loved sharing this!” Carol Giambri

Here are five reasons to adopt a pet or change your lifestyle program.  Now is really what I mean.  Yesterday is gone and no turning back.  Today is here.

1. Love: Loving yourself by feeling better about the small changes you make daily helps you feel better inside and out. How you may ask?  How about instead of eating donuts for breakfast perhaps try some fresh fruit? For my dog she loves herself too.  I can tell because she eats well and wags her tail often.

2. Motivation: When you take care of yourself better, feel a sense of accomplishment, you stay motivated.  With a pet around the house here for over 40 years I am always motivated to know I am the best caretaker for my pet. I have a dog that I love, exercise and feed well. She keeps me motivated to feel great. She motivates me to take her on walks and get some exercise for both of us.

3. Laughter: My dog brings many laughs to my face daily.  If not a laughter for sure a smile. She is a delight to watch and be with.  Also laughter is great medicine.  It is also healing to your mind and body.  Have you heard of Laughing Yoga?  I can choose to frown or smile all day. I want people to remember my smile and hopefully it will bring them to smile more. I have done this in a class and it is truly funny and contagious.

4. Energized: My dog makes me feel so good and yes so happy.  With this feeling comes more energy. Whenever I am around her I full of energy and plenty to spare to others.  For me, when I eat better I am loaded with energy. Some could get tired being around me but feeling great I can’t pretend to be someone I am not.

5. Attitude: Whether it is being with my dog or changing my diet or exercising more I feel that the right attitude outweighs my excuses.  My dog can make an excuse to not want to talk a walk, but she always has the right attitude to go on walks.  For me, it makes me feel uplifted when I can get engaged into living with the right attitude that helps me get through each day.

Above are the five reasons to adopt a pet and/or change your lifestyle.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

Maria Robinson




pixel What are five reasons to adopt a pet or change your lifestyle?
PinExt What are five reasons to adopt a pet or change your lifestyle?

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dogs November 28, 2010 at 5:24 am

I would like to start my own blog one day. This was a really nice blog that you made here. Keep up the success

Carol Giambri December 14, 2010 at 7:05 am

Thanks so much for your comment. It is very encouraging to read. (nid)

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