What about Humor in All things?

PinExt What about Humor in All things?

I just was at my email and saw the subject without opening it “You laughed, you cried, you earned 2500 miles!” I
thought WOW is this a great teaser or what. If anything it triggered me to write here regardless of that content which I didn’t get to reading yet. I felt the drive to run here and write about what birthed from those words.

Sometimes struggles look like they are endless. We get challenged and we may give up. Some may use that as “fuel to their fire to get hotter” or for some it may “remove our fire and let it just die out from our dream pile.” Regardless of what decision you make, I hope it is not one that takes your challenge and puts away your dream. I hope it brings you more wisdom or patience to pursue what you are desiring at your season in life to pursue.

So in all things can you say “You laughed, you cried, and you earned your own 2500 miles” as you didn’t quit and saw “humor” in the chalenges you encountered.

If it was option for me to quit I would have been long gone, but right now I must pursue my dreams with great health and the right attitude to keep striving forward regardless how bumpy the road may be you are travelling on.

Bill Keane: Motivational Humor Quotes
Yesterday’s the past and tomorrow’s the future. Today is a gift – which is why they call it the present.

(I would add to that: Receive the gift or lose it, but don’t let it sit on the shelf forever untouched!)

Another one: Dick Van Dyke: Motivational Humor Quotes
Women will never be as successful as men because they have no wives to advise them.

(I would add: Not true Dick, but as I see it is “never let others stop you from moving forward if they haven’t walked in your shoes or had your same dream. If they can’t see it then they can’t be your support system in a positive way, but in a negative sense, they will rob you of what you have birthed inside.”


So till we talk again soon “do you have a new way of seeing humor: What about Humor in All things?”


Carol Giambri
your “partner in encouraging your dreams”
“fear NOT challenges speaker who accepts change and flexibility”

pixel What about Humor in All things?
PinExt What about Humor in All things?

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