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Getting back to basics wherever you live is possible.  It can be a small farm or a small plot. It can be your windowsill or your patio. How about your garden or your earthbox? Let's go back to basics and get rid of taking drugs for remedies when there may be alternatives. Of course being under your medical adviser is best for your personal preferences. Still there are other options to all consider. They are alternatives such as herbs or even chiropractor care. 


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My 6 year old granddaughter picked this from my garden


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Carol Giambri is a gardening expert. She is obsessed with the garden and eating healthy as a frugal shopper.  At a 12 step program she would probably stand up admitting: "I am addicted and obsessed with the garden and its foods."  She even shops for unique shapes of fruits and veggies.  From worm composting, which is a new desire, to homemade cleaning products, eating edible weeds, coaching programs, speaking, writing content for blogs, green/recycle talk, dogs and helping her hubby she enjoys encouraging people.  Carol plans to write several books on healthy living as well as a pet book where her heart still remains having seen so many go to heaven.

PinExt Urban and Homesteading

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