Sweet or Sour Fruits

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Today we are going to talk about fruits. I love fruits. I love finding fruit trees but short in finding in my community where roaming animals are fenced in and loving it.  We have acreage here in this country setting, but out fruit trees my husband still blames on the soil.  I know he put good soil in and not lacking water I am baffled on why the fruit trees haven’t produced after years yet.

There are many fruits out there.  Choose fresh or frozen.  Choose ripe or under-ripe, choose red or yellow apples, or different varieties.  Today we are not talking about any of this stuff.  We are going to talk about the sweet and sour fruits.  These an be aimed at relationships, adventures you love or hate, or however you see the opposite of sweet or sour.

So to sum it up fast, when developing relationships in friends, in business, shopping for new equipment, or choosing who to spend your life or time with you may look at these as opportunities to explore.  Some people are heavenly to be around, others are like toxic fumes.

Today your sweet or sour fruits can be helpful or harmful in your life.  I know you will look at fruits in your life in a new way today.  I never evaluated them this way till I got a “shower revelation moment..”

Enjoy you day and life with fruitful choices!


Carol Giambri

pixel Sweet or Sour Fruits
PinExt Sweet or Sour Fruits

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