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Life has a way of showing up and sometimes getting us to be discouraged.

But, behind every race or experience, perhaps called a challenge or trial, are we learning a lesson?

As we age you would think we grow smarter?  Sometimes the truth here is that it takes lots of mistakes to see the light.

Are you a woman who is feeling discouraged and checking out of the race of life?  If you are 50ish and above, more like mid 50 and above, you have lots of years that you can reflect on.

Through it all, you will cross the finish line and be able to look back and see why you went through that lesson or perhaps grasp the lesson you needed to learn.

So, for today, enjoy running your race as you are an original.  It takes just you to complete your race.

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Till we chat again–celebrate and enjoy each second by second aging and living.  You can’t take back the past, but you can start today with the present so the future is a gift!

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Carol Giambri

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PinExt Running your race

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