Why raw diet for dogs? (Pt. 2 of 2)

PinExt Why raw diet for dogs? (Pt. 2 of 2)

Raw food for dogs is further being discussed here for our dog talk in this second part.  If you missed the part 1 click and catch up now.  Here's our final segment for this two part post on nutrition, raw foods and dogs.   

In my previous article I suggested you consider a raw diet for your dog as convenient, healthier and less expensive plus adding nutritional value to the dogs diet.  It is almost like using a microwave, but to me a blender for cutting up the veggies as my dog loves things in tiny pieces. "No, I can't chop that small or maybe I can and don't want to buy a chopper or cut more."  Food processor can work too.  My Vitamix is king, pricey, but still it works wonders. Surely get an inexpensive blender if that is your best choice.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that will love you more than you love yourself." ~ Josh Billings

Let's begin part 2 of this final series …

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Molly has look of curious deep thinker.

My one mistake…

I fed my dog a raw diet for many years. Actually over 9 years I believe.  She loved raw game meat.  She hated ground chicken or even eating bones.  "What about veggies?" Oops. Live and learn along the journey.   I didn't know to add supplements to her meal(s).  Now I think this as necessary. I can't suggest because our vet offers wisdom for my dog's particular needs.  She ate pretty much the same diet for years. Sometimes it takes a "bite" in the pocketbook to learn. Yes, variety is "queen" on meats and veggies too.

How much should they eat?

From my research a dog weighing about 50 pounds should be eating one pound of raw food daily. My 45 pound dog eats close to that amount and many times more that includes fresh organic veggies.  She does eat some cooked chicken and fish daily.  I prefer grass fed when affordable and available.  Molly is no longer 100% on a raw food diet, but does eat some cooked but only fresh organic veggies.  It's a choice I have made.   So call her 90% on BARF diet.

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Another meal finished – Molly loves her raw diet 

Homemade raw foods and equipment?

Raw foods contain minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are unprocessed or altered.  Therefore they are a better choice than foods that have been sitting on a shelf for months.  I am suggesting raw meats, cooked fish and chicken and fresh veggies.  I don't do grains, nor fruits.  Do dogs have gluten problems? I don't know but wonder.  It is my choice and you may want to add in fresh fruit. No bones for her as she chooses not to chew like most dog do.  "Why? I don't know."  Strange to me too.   She doesn't chew then to clean her teeth but carrots will do that if she only loved chewing these gems. Molly girl, as we call her, loves eating her veggies cut up small.  Learn to rotate their foods.  Another words, variety is "king." Choose in season foods if possible.  If frozen, may look to buy at health food store.  With a blender it takes me a minute to blend up.  

So what can I leave you with to chew on? Again, as in part 1 say….

Read more about this online or through books.  It may take a few weeks to wean the dog from the "regular" store bought food to the raw diet so have patience.  Don't feed table cooked dinners you are eating, but make this food fit for your "king or queen" dog.  I have experienced saving medical bills. The dog doesn't have gas, poop doesn't stink and smaller. Just as we are talking here eating raw foods, I am also suggesting if your dog gets sick, consider natural dog herbal remedies sold in health food stores and sometimes pet stores.

How about starting a natural dog garden today?


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Wags from Molly and mom Carol




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Carol Giambri is a back-to-basics person, author, leader, and holistically oriented. Adopting dogs for over 40 years she has found each to be precious and never returned one. Carol is a health nut and converted her husband and dog to eat this way. She chooses to be positive and upbeat refusing to accept the words “impossible" or "can't.” Her dog’s Lupus recovery is a great example of not quitting even when she got gloom reports from three vet clinics.  As a result of her life experiences she is passionate about eating healthy, hunting for edible weeds, and teaching others to live a life fullfiled with dogs, eating well, and encouraging others who need an uplift through her voice. She leads a healthy eating group in her local community for years and called upon when health speakers travel to her area to promote them. Her programs and writings show people how living a simple healthy lifestyle with a dog is fun, easy and delicious without using chemicals. If you think this lifestyle is just about dogs living healthier she says it's also for people whether a dog owner or not.  Carol's vegan days began when her husband had a seizure over 35 years ago, believed he would be healed and was in six weeks. Are you ready for Carol to encourage you and your dog along your journey?
pixel Why raw diet for dogs? (Pt. 2 of 2)
PinExt Why raw diet for dogs? (Pt. 2 of 2)

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Solvita May 22, 2011 at 9:42 am

Thanks Carol for educating the dog owners, interesting points I learn something new every day from your posts…Nice pictures of Molly :)

michele May 22, 2011 at 8:25 pm

You certainly give us pet owners something to consider when feeding out furry friends. Your wisdom is appreciated.

Victoria May 23, 2011 at 11:46 am

I couldn't agree more, Carol!

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