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I want to introduce you to our sweet dog!  I just love her.

She came here from Denver Dumb Friends League we have gotten, over 40 years, most of our dogs.  I see them as a "gift" to the family plus a keeper. They never return back behind bars being here with us. 

Molly recently recovered from Lupus. It was Sept. 2009 she was diagnosed and in 2010 she was healed.  We could have listened to the vet who never saw a dog recover from this nasty disease, but we didn't quit on her recovery and told him so.  Listening to this vet and following his course of action, as I am very holistic oriented would have killed her quickly. I got wiser, seeing how she was responding to his methods and took her off his regime and I put her on my own.  I switched vets after a few months, found one who believed my strong mustard seed faith and went with my ideal treatment.  Today, the dog is alive, recovered and a book forthcoming. I'm sharing a recent picture of her.  My words to all pet owners: care for them as if they were your priceless jewels! Invite other women to this site who can appreciate what we are about. Till we chat again,

Carol Giambri, the voice to the dogs and lover to them all


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I love dogs and have owned at least one and sometimes three at the same time. They have been the bloodline that keeps me joyful most or all of my day. It's a different type of love that I believe humans have given me.


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I always adopt the "rejected" dogs waiting to either wait for a caring home or put to sleep. I even take in older dogs. Each is great and never had a reject.

DOUBLE CHEERS, Carol Giambri, the dog lover for adopted ones

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