Natural Dog Gardening: For dogs and people with epilepsy, cancer or diabetes?

PinExt Natural Dog Gardening: For dogs and people with epilepsy, cancer or diabetes?

Will a garden help dogs or humans with Epilepsy, cancer, diabetes or other diseases? I believe in organic gardening which means no use of chemicals.  I embrace living from the garden and know of many testimonies of people helped with their diseases by eating this way.  Will brain surgery help Epilepsy? We'll talk about this and other things that just shoot out from the mind and not the back of Molly, the dog.


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Best is fresh Organically grown in CO.  Get at Whole Foods

I do love shopping at Whole Foods and lucky me the have many in my local Denver metro area of Colorado. 

So with your raving reviews of my writing style and brutal honesty, I'm back for more blogging. It's me…Molly, the dog person as people see me.  My mom told me to behave  so I'll do my best. 


On with the writing…let's talk…

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My curious Molly look

Talking is my favorite activity or for some a sport to compete against other dogs.  Mom and I are a perfect team–I speak, she types. I love to travel and can't wait to fly by myself.

Going off track…

Will I ever learn to type? Good question and mind of a dog to ask such an intelligent question.  My dad never wanted and still doesn't want to type, but I do.  Watch for my typing debut.  I want to change and grow even as a pooch, but dad is content where he has been for decades.  Did I write that?  Oops.  Now that's a secret leaked out. Guess a good reason for him to learn to type, get online and see what mom is writing, but he won't.  So good for us readers and doggies who can read–even if not type.  I "bark" up a storm in writing so it looks like "change" is a topic I will share my mind with you in future blogs.  Imagine a nose dive into Molly's brain.

Letting you in on another secret….

Soon you will hear more of my voice or point of voice on sticky topics that some people may be embarrassed to read.  It's not really that bad but the way they speak to others, deal with their anger, don't take care of their health, get sick, forget to exercise, can be some "mind boggling or scarey" topics I have to discuss.   Someone's gotta be the voice so let it be me–the vocal dog.

I am not afraid to get beaten down by you or my food taken away so I will not hold back anything I say. I will however say it is LOVE.  See it better in this picture and words below.  picture. My mom really did make it, it's raw, it's without dairy and it's not food that I am allowed to eat. You can if you were invited over or if my mom made it to share. Give me a L. O. V. E. ….what's that spell?


IMG 8364 300x113 Natural Dog Gardening: For dogs and people with epilepsy, cancer or diabetes?

Our LOVE (l.o.v.e.) to you. Diary-free. Mom made and not for me.

Really, you read it right. Mom made it. What am I missing? I don't beg or bark for food.  Missing lots of calories if I got even a tiny taste. I never even get asked if I wanted to taste.  What kind of "love"  is that? Rich? Yes, yum others say. Oh well.  My loss or gain.  It's an attitude. Oh, yes, I'll be writing about that too.

On to Epilepsy talk….

I did hear of one surgery that was successful. Mom's friend Katie shared that the other day online.  I'm going to share more about my dad's recovery, the natural way, over 35 years ago ago. 

My mom shared this story and I'm sharing it to you my friends.  I'm so glad dad is alive. Mom only believed dad would be healed without drugs dependence forever.  The doctors didn't believe he would be healed.  Fasten up…here's the story…

The pulse…

My mom was young and so were my brother and sister…the human side…I never grew up or lived with.  Would you have known to check a pulse?  Dick, the neighbor, did that.  Jane and Mar were under 5 and sleeping soundly–the bro and sis.  My brave mommy kept composed calling for emergency help.  

It looked like Christmas lights…

My gosh….The emergence vehicles arrived.  The block was lit up like a Christmas tree.  The sirens were blasting their loud squealing sounds.  Wow, it must have been a sight to see, but I wasn't born yet so missed the excitement on Alter Way.  That's where mom and dad lived.  Flight for Life –an airplane carrier– was on standby.  Dick watched the kids as mommy and daddy went to the hospital.  Poor daddy. That night his EKG showed yes you are an epileptic. 

Isn't it scary to think you are healthy and then suddenly your body rebels.  Right now that is where I am at so I can relate.  I had a Lupus victory and now maybe a small battle to fight is going on. I am getting stronger, but really we don't live forever.   I'm here to live as long God has me here but I know there's a place in heaven marked with my name on it.  Until that time I am going to live like there is no tomorrow with lots of hugs and kisses to give away and receive.

It may not be easy, but time heals all hurts ~~ Carol Giambri

Next day…
Dad's birthday was an expensive day spent at the neurologist office confirming the hospital tests of him having epilepsy.  

IMG 0358 225x300 Natural Dog Gardening: For dogs and people with epilepsy, cancer or diabetes?
Flowers to brighten any day

The doctors best advice….
Remember most doctors are into drugs so when got the advise from this doctor it went like this: "rest, take it easy, take drugs and you will be on them forever."  My mom didn't believe in drugs forever as she saw her mom living with cabinets of drugs in the house she grew up in.  Being very health oriented as a young teen mommy didn't buy into that thought. She looked for the natural way out.  Herbs were part of what she was seeking and found plus a great natural doctor. 

The hope….
It is always easier to quit then stand in faith or hope that all will go well.  It takes a lot of courage and this is what did through her many sleepless nights.

The garden….

IMG 8890 300x225 Natural Dog Gardening: For dogs and people with epilepsy, cancer or diabetes?

Cantaloupe – a yummy snack

We may think eating healthy from the garden is just for the people but it's also gone to the dogs. Dogs can eat some fresh organic veggies too.  I heard some love fruits too. I would suggest easy does it as many have a lot of sugar in it.

Suddenly moments are usually just that — suddenly but with faith and hope a person will grow through it. ~~ Carol Giambri

Just letting you know my dad had to make dietary changes, toss out foods that we not healthy to us as immediate vegans, detox the body, mom take lots of cooking classes, visit our naturopathic doctor, but in six weeks dad was totally healed. Was it worth changing?  Change pays dividends — like money in the bank.

Do dogs get epilepsy?

Yes and they mainly are on drugs sadly.  I'm not for that and would hunt for natural dog remedies.  For people I too would suggest a hunt for natural remedies for most diseases.  Just have to hunt. It's worth it as drugs do have side effects.

Three steps to get through suddenly moments:

1. Breath deeply.   Breathing can be relaxing an put you a healthy frame of mind.

2. Essential oils.  Young Living, which I don't sell "yet", is a company built on integrity and value.  I would suggest checking into Lavender or even Peace and Calming. If local and need something immediately check with your local health food store for their suggestions.

3. Exercise.  It may sound silly reading this but even that if means stretching or a short walk.  It does help you cope through those suddenly episodes as I call them. 

Life has a funny way of throwing those suddenly moments to us.  How we handle them can help us cope easier.

We love reading your comments. Please share below.


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Wags from Molly and hugs from

   Mommy Carol

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Carol Giambri is a back-to-basics person, author, leader, and is holistically oriented. She has adopted and loved dogs for over 40 years without one returning back. She chooses to eat healthy and helped see her husband recover from Epilepsy over 35 years ago.  Carol is positive and encourages people to live their best on their terms in a simple way.  Her dog has recovered from Lupus and talks about this amazing story.

Her programs and writings show people how living a simple healthy lifestyle with a dog is fun, easy and delicious without using chemicals. It really is for all people — whether a dog person or not.  Carol is ready to help those who are ready to change by her own experience besides health ministry. Bring the right attitude to the table and grow on "simply living life fully."


pixel Natural Dog Gardening: For dogs and people with epilepsy, cancer or diabetes?
PinExt Natural Dog Gardening: For dogs and people with epilepsy, cancer or diabetes?

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denny hagel June 24, 2011 at 4:07 pm

Extremely entertaining and highly informative! You always deliver such value i your articles Carol, my 4 legged babies thank you and Molly!

OLga Hermans June 24, 2011 at 7:37 pm

You are one ggreat dog-lover Carol!!

Solvita June 25, 2011 at 2:15 pm

WOW – you just mentioned the epilepsy…One of my friends died from it…and I still remember his full of love eyes and heart….Thank you so much for sharing this information! Great advise on natural ways to heal…

Carol Giambri June 29, 2011 at 9:35 am

Oh my gosh Solvita. So sorry to hear about your friend’s death from Epilepsy. My husband didn’t have any known injuries to his head but life caught up with him so it was a radical change from inside out he had to do. Seeing 6 weeks later his total healing was all worth it when you look back to his life that could have been: drugs forever.

Carol Giambri June 29, 2011 at 9:36 am

Thank you Olga. I truly am a dog lover but also a health wellness nut. Both sides of me will be incorporated into a new direction of the site — not forgetting the dog either, but a small shift in content, coaching and products. I appreciate your comment. It means a lot.

Carol Giambri June 29, 2011 at 9:38 am

Oh Denny. Thank you and glad your 4 legged babies are enjoying Molly and Mommy–me. We will be including more holistic/health talk/wellness for both of us coming up as a slight transition comes forth on the site. It will not forget my dog love but include other parts of me that I think is ready for a “delivery” (like a baby). Love all your parenting writings. Hope other readers here check out your name for that wisdom.

Carol Giambri July 4, 2011 at 2:54 pm

You are totally right Organic gardening hub. Health and cleaning rocks plus money saver.

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