Why I love dogs?

PinExt Why I love dogs?

I love ALL dogs. I adopt dogs and prefer it that way.

My goal

My goal is to promote a message of adopting those lovable dogs that need a GREAT home — not just a home.  A home where love and great health radiate. Where smoking is not killing their lungs and where clean air is deserved.  A place where eating healthy and taking time out of your day and not just reaching into a bag of dry foods without nutritional value.  I want this to be a site where love, creativity, sharing, encouragement and inspiration are at the top of the charts.

Time flies and now I owned dogs over 40 years

I have owned adopted dogs over 40 years.  Each has been great and always stayed with us once they left their temporary home. I am working on creating products for pets, and seeing some proceeds go to no kill shelters, some proceeds go to orphans for the kids and perhaps adoption facilities.  I’m just working on details which can change as I evolve. Still my heart is for the rejects of society as others see them–not me: animals and kids.

How can you help me spread this passion?

Please let others know about this site.  I'm on Facebook at Carol Rosenberg Giambri.  I am passionate about others adopting dogs or their other pets and loving them as GREAT owners would.  Being EXTRA ordinary and GREAT is what I desire for all pets to have!


Carol Giambri, a dog lover for the adopted and rescued ones

pixel Why I love dogs?
PinExt Why I love dogs?

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