Which diet today?

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Are you being bombarded with which diet is best?  Confused? I would be too.  Everyone comes out with their latest and greatest literature to promote their diet.  It seems like daily we find a new diet for today!  So where do you start?

Here are some points to consider:

What kind of foods do you like?

How much time you have to spend in the kitchen?

Are you eating for pleasure or feeling better (or healthier)?

Those are some questions I looked at when I made changes over thirty years ago.

I came from a meat and potato background.  I ate tons of this growing up.  Some veggies.  I had a bottomless pit growing up. I switched gears and replaced the meat and potatoes with fresh fruit and veggies. You may say yuck. Well in that case let me share my LOVE picture below.

Didn’t want to mess with the pictures here so just want you to get the LOVE message and do the diet that you love doing or want to try out. I want to eat mainly from The Garden so my diet is mainly fruits and veggies.  Yours can be your choice.

Let me share a quick and simple recipe idea that will take you seconds in the kitchen or from  your garden or your grocery garden:

Carol’s Snappy Salad

Green salad greens (such as romaine, spinach, butternut)

Fresh tomatoes

Grated carrots or sweet potatoes

Green onions

Cucumbers (fancy sliced-ripply if possible or however you wish)

Pinch of salt (I buy Real Salt – Health Food store)

Mix all together. Whatever you have works. Can mix and match.

Carol’s Dressing:

Fresh strawberries, blended

Now add that to:

Olive oil

Fresh chopped up garlic

Blend all together if wish, but not necessary. Let each pour dressing over their own salad.

(Sorry no salad pictures  here as I am off to store to buy my ingredients too).

Does the above pictures give you the sense of sweet love in a diet? So call it another fad or diet and it’s my Love Diet-cause I named it and claimed it.


Want more recipes?

Add comment and will consider. With any of my recipes you can always add meat, dairy or other products too.

I’m about fast, simple, delish from the kitchen in and out fast without dirty or greasy clean up.

Oh, please ask permission before “borrowing” something from this website as I recently had some content distributed without credit or asking.  It’s about copywriting laws.  Thanks.

Cheers to your health and recipe collection,

Carol Giambri

pixel Which diet today?
PinExt Which diet today?

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