Life doesn’t quit when sick

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Today I am working on getting over this nasty flu.  Hardly ever sick, but still life goes on, I am breathing, resting and knowing that I must be true to my audience, ladies here 50ish, mid or above, so I’m sharing a few words here to encourage you.

I look at the single mom or dad, today who has kids to care for and no help.  Would they just give up and let the house run on it’s own?  I think the single parent doesn’t take vacation when sick.  So, why would I?  I believe rest is important and I know I will be jumping back on my two feet soon.  I am need wisdom and rest as my formula to staying in the game of life.

I may not be doing what I normally would be doing, but this is my down season I may call it, but not for long.

So concluding this post here, what can you do to keep staying in this game of live, breathing second by second to not quit on yourself.  Others may depend on you as they may be me down the road.

I want to find ways to help women in this age range to be able to get or continue to smile with implants or teeth to be taken care of.  If I quit I would feel I am not carrying out one of my goals here.  I want to give to others who needing a helping hand, not a hand out.

How are you helping others?  Does it take money to pay the dentist or vet bill? Yes.  So money is important not just for paying the bills but to be able to help others.

Think about this:

I have cousin a few months older than me who needed assisted device for survival.  It was about an oxygen tank married to her for months.  I encouraged her and today I am proud to report only for a few months did she need that. She could have quit,  but she didn’t. She back in the game of life.   You hung in.  Way to go Linda!

No to quitting, yes to living second by second aging.

A quitter never wins and a winner never quits. ~
~ Age wrinkles the body. Quitting wrinkles the soul. ~
Cheers till I blog fast,
Carol Giambri
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pixel Life doesnt quit when sick
PinExt Life doesnt quit when sick

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