Leaving a legacy – remembered by your past

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Oh, before I forget.  Have you gotten my free report on giving.  See the gold box and be added to my mailing, not spam list, too. Share me with others. Looking to get a tribe of women 50ish, mid 50 an above banning together–celebrating life–second by second and aging too! Half of our life may be over, but it’s built us up to move ahead stronger with decades behind us! Yeah!! Your BEST days are STILL ahead!

Today’s blog was prompted by my elementary schoolmate Chris Clarke.  I am talking about decades ago even seeing him or the rest of elementary or high school kids I knew.  Here’s what he wrote me today based on this website and probably my About video:

“”just happy go lucky— I saw your website and it was excellent- your voice sounds so good and you look like I remembered you- “

So as I reflect on these kind words, what kind of legacy are you being remembered by?  I give his words high praise as I want to stand out from the crowd, not be boxed into any mindset that doesn’t enhance helping others and then myself.  I want to make a difference in this world and not just settle back in my comfort zone, behind a computer, or in front of a television monitor. I don’t want to be talk and not action.

So where do you begin to leave a legacy?  Here’s a few pointers I would consider:

1. Know what you love doing.  If you love making fishing poles, perhaps this skill to others who are perhaps less fortunate to pay for the class, so offer it.  It may be a way for them to supplement their income or even eating sources for finding fish. If you love writing, perhaps teach a writing class, write a book, speak to groups. If you are a good basketball player volunteer.  If you have carpenter hands, give a helping hand to an organization such as Habitat for Humanity.  Use your gifts and spread the word.

2. Live to enjoy life. Attitude plays an important role in everyday living.  You can see the glass half full or empty.  I see my glass half full whereas I know others who need to have the proof that the glass is half full so they see it half empty.  It’s a mindset.  How do you see life? Great, sucks or just okay

I think I am going to quit here as I feel like I gave lots of meat and potatoes to chew on but for me it would be a hearty salad with a flavorable vegan raw dressing.

Go out and reflect of how you want to be remembered today.  Yesterday is “gone”,  today is here and tomorrow may not arrive.  When you reach your last breath it is over!  Over–the end–gone–finished!!! No return!!

Words to chew on that I totally embrace by Jim Rohn, excerpted from “Twelfth Pillar of Success: Legacy, Part Two”

“Don’t ever stop in your pursuit of a legacy. Many people have accomplished tremendous things later on in life. There is never a time to stop in your pursuit of a legacy. Sometimes older people will say, “I am 65. I’ll never change.” That won’t build a great life! No, there is always time to do more and achieve more, to help more and serve more, to teach more and to learn more. Keep going and growing that legacy!”

Cheers, till we chat again soon.

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Carol Giambri

pixel Leaving a legacy   remembered by your past
PinExt Leaving a legacy   remembered by your past

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