Is your dog bringing you a smile?

PinExt Is your dog bringing you a smile?

You will always hear I love dogs.  It’s true. You may wonder why.  Today I would love to share the “why.”  I hope that for you if you are not experiencing that smile from your dog or other pet, you figure out how to get it.

My dog is so precious.  I’m being non boastful, but she’s really great.   Here’s 3 ways she brings smiles to our face:

1.  The passenger: Each morning she is always ready to get in the car or truck for her daily ride.  She’s addicted to scouting for rabbits in our area.  There are tons of them.  She thinks she owns the street so she’s patrolling the area.

2.  Picky eater:  One day she can love her food and the next day hate it. I don’t give her the same meal each day, but she decides what she will eat for the day.  Let me tell you the girl can eat not like a dog but a HORSE.   Her appetite when she eats is massive.  She’s not a dry food girl either.  Fresh is best to her. She’s so cute when she eats and when she refuses to.  Either way I smile.

3.   Walking partner: She loves her walks.  I take her to this grassy large opened space so she can sniff, walk on the grass and sometimes concrete. Man made ponds are big and beautiful. It’s a quiet and pleasant walk for both of us.

For all of these reasons my dog does bring a smile to me.  I always feel like a proud mom to her. I actually feel it is my responsibility to care for her. She was adopted and is treated like a queen.

Is your dog bringing a smile to your face?



pixel Is your dog bringing you a smile?
PinExt Is your dog bringing you a smile?

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