Vision proof business and personal relationships

PinExt Vision proof business and personal relationships

I tend to write on reflecting myself usually and my experiences. Here’s another one today. I seem to never run short on these either.

I recently met some new people. I have a temperament believing all people are the right fit in my world but I seem to sometimes fool myself. Recently I am feeling I deceived myself. I thought I found a nice match of a friend, but in fact it is looking like I fooled myself. So now as I am picking and choosing relationships I am trying to be more sensitive to who comes into my world and who stays out. I hope I can be more perceptive on first meets, but if it has to take a little longer but learn from the experience I am willing to wait it out. I feel it’s time to start filtering faces and names that not fitting my equation for enriched relationships.

I am slow to judge, but when I look at people I always see a match and look for ways to add value by tips/leads to enlarge their own territory or world. Well, live and learn is where I am today.

So today’s walk away is:

Are you feeling you add value to a relationship or that others are to you?


Is it worth keeping that person in your life (or database as we call it online or address book)?

Are you begging for their friendship to stay around? (writing emails and they don’t reply or calling them and getting no answer)

So I ask you to reflect on your answers and then decide.

I think I may be right on the money and closer to tossing a newly what I thought was a “friendship” away. Actually maybe that person has done that to me and I am just getting the delayed hint. If I have to change who I am from the very first shallow roots of getting to know a person, then I am excited to see that as “history” and move ahead.

Most people are good, but some are not the right foot in your life. Accept these relationships as they are and don’t beg to have another friend or two added to a relationship that adds little or no value.

Great lessons learned come in different ways.

Let me leave you with these sweet words–a quote I hunted for and found:

“A new friendship is like an unripened fruit – it may become either an orange or a lemon” Emma Stacey

For me I would also add:
“A relationship that adds no fun or enrichment to your life is like stale bread or a rock that never will soften up.” Carol Giambri

Cheers till we meet again,

Carol Giambri
“I empower women who are finally challenged turn their frustrations, into flow, and LIVE their DREAMS.”

Just had to share my dreams/desires as it lights up my fire at this point of my life. As I evolve I’m sure it will too.

pixel Vision proof business and personal relationships
PinExt Vision proof business and personal relationships

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