Stress busters to cry or laugh through. Caught in your “slip” confessions or “brief” stories!

PinExt Stress busters to cry or laugh through.   Caught in your slip confessions or brief stories!

What’s stress feel like to you and how do you react? Laugh, cry or hide in a corner? Please read to the very end of a good laugh. You will be laughing for sure. Leave me your sweet funny comments too. Be kind or be un-posted.

How about driving in your slip to work or head out the door in your boxer shorts without your pants? Oops!

Today at twitter ( I shared my driving experience on my way to a temporary work several years ago. For some you may drop your jaws reading this story, thinking what a crazy lady she is, or just laugh so hard you are crying or wet your clothing. One of my mentors/friends would call this “letting your panties show” as she believes in being real.

So let’s see how feel about this crazy true story that happened to ME. A lady decent in nature especially when leaving her house and going into public.

Can this cause stress to some while others laugh?

This topic came up today in twitter so figured I would reflect and see if we can get some comments about reactions to stress on the road, or stress on the way to work or emergencies happen.

The real truth and nothing but the truth so help me………

Here goes:
I had just kissed my hubby goodbye, headed out to my temporary job and traffic was at a halt on the highway. I patiently waited, rested my hands on my legs I thought, but instead…… was my SLIP–not my skirt. Yikes I thought and couldn’t wait to get moving to the next exit. Made it home, ran inside door, called employer and called my slip incident a car problem. Now I don’t encourage or promote lying, but I couldn’t tell the truth–”Mr. …. I will be a little late because I left my skirt at home and didn’t want to show up in my slip today.”

So got my slip on, laughed myself to the job and ended my day on a funny note.

Laughter is great medicine plus it helps with many other great ways. Please click on this link and see for yourself.

So how would you react to my situation? For you men, imagine forgetting your work pants and only went to work in your briefs. Now can you relate to us ladies?

Funny or not I choose to let stress go instead of “stick to my skin, my head or my heart.”

Is this article written just about perfect days that can turn sour or how we respond to what looked and felt like a perfect day till I felt my “slip.” Oh well. Another opportunity to laugh at myself and choose to do that many times.

Can you laugh now at something that seemed crazy then and now not the case? Will you choose to look at not so great situations with a little funnier tone or under your breath try to laugh. However knowing laughter is an uttering sound, do yourself a possible favor to try to laugh now. Just start saying fast, ha, ha, ha, haha, hahaha, hahahaha…get it?

Want to know all the right reasons to laugh? Click here how:

Now do you really want to read what others have experienced by laughing? I have been to these classes and they are riot. If you don’t know how to laugh, don’t worry, it’s contagious and you will be part of the group immediately:

Read the stories there…very inspiring! Knee pain, dementia story–wow…

Can you take a “laugh break” now?

“Laugh at yourself first before anyone else can.”
Elsa Maxwell

“A hearty laugh gives one a dry cleaning, while a good cry is a wet wash.”
Puzant Kevork Thomajan

Ready to laugh?  Please click arrow and begin now–yes, right now–burn calories now–feel refreshed now I believe for you.

Cheers, ha, ha, till we talk again. Share me with others and soon I will be adding a box and give away a gift for your name. Stay tuned or will share more if another site will be added for that.

Carol Giambri

pixel Stress busters to cry or laugh through.   Caught in your slip confessions or brief stories!
PinExt Stress busters to cry or laugh through.   Caught in your slip confessions or brief stories!


Baby Boomer Girl March 8, 2010 at 11:19 pm

Laughing at myself and life is essential for me. now I’m doing it publicly in blog and song … Read “Have a Body like an Avatar Alien” in my Baby Boomer Girl blog on Wordpress … would love yr comments! Cheers from New Zealand
.-= Baby Boomer Girl´s last blog ..Have a Body like an Avatar Alien! – part 1 =-.

cgiambri March 8, 2010 at 11:39 pm

Hey babyboomergirl, For sure laughing at yourself and life is better than being intoxicated with booze and numb to the spirit of laughter I believe. Of course no judgment, but my own perspective so giving it an “I” personal responsibility statement. Running over to your blog now. Will I own or be a body like an avatar alien is the question before reading the blog. I’m going to Zumba soon so wondering if that will help me. Now off go read. Thanks for sharing here. It means lots.

Amanda March 17, 2010 at 11:04 am

Carol, love your writing!
Sitting in Costa Coffee and eavesdropping on the lady at the next table. I know from what her (foul) daughter said that this lady is 95 years old. Despite her daughter’s constant jabbing at her, the 95 year old said that her 90 year old’s friend was to “always see the funny side of life”!
Quite timely, given my morning of losing my temper with my boys cos youngest broke the 2nd lamp this morning, I cut myself clearing up the glass and then the dishwasher started tripping the electricity. I think the damned thing has burnt out its element or something.


But now Carol, I’m laughing (internally… otherwise they’d think I was a mad woman sitting here in the cafe on my laptop)

Thank you x

cgiambri March 23, 2010 at 2:38 am

Thanks sweet Amanda for your comments. Much appreciated and never taken for granted time spent to share.

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