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Here’s our 11 year old Australian Shep. What makes her special are many things, but briefly she is 11 and the original vet, or call him vet 2 gave me no hope for her recent LUPUS diagnosis.  I told him I don’t care what the reports show, but confirmation only.  I asked him if he ever heard of a dog recovered from LUPUS and he and other vets said no.  I said well with my small faith like a mustard seed, I believe she will be the first time.  Before she recovered I had changed vets, but did go back and have his receptionist pass on my great news.

A book will be forthcoming as a tribute to all dogs who are deceased who may have lived longer hearing the right voice. No judgment here but for future dogs you may own, listen to your heart is my message.  Even in business and relationships this great story can be told!  Tune in for upcoming doggie website that will include dog products as well.

Enjoy your special dog. No dog deserves to be a throw away and if vicious then we are taking about safety and perhaps training.


Carol Giambri

A proud mom to a throw away dog!

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