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I can sense the weather is going to be changing soon so it’s time to get back to indoor gardening.  Why?

Simply easy to do, requires very little tools or large expense.

Tools I am referring to is simply and best a glass jar and if possible a wide mouth jar.

A cover that can strain the seeds at least twice daily.

You can find lots of information on how to sprout online or at local library can search for books.

They are nutritious, easy to use in salads or on sandwich.  My favorites to sprout are Alfalfa or a Salad Mix which may have radishes, cabbage and alfalfa–smaller seeds you could find in your salad had you not sprouted.

You can also buy sprouts already done for you at supermarkets or health food stores, but really for a great project for you and your family seeing these baby seeds sprout to fill up your jar and onto your plate is exciting.

Till we chat again, spend more time in the garden eating then in other areas of the supermarket.  I am saying dollars in the Produce Department is greatest way for me and wanting you to be teased into doing this as well.  Change for some comes slower, but every small change leads up to a bigger one.

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PinExt Indoor gardening

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