Healthy Living: 3 Tips to Save Money like a Secret Millionaire

PinExt Healthy Living: 3 Tips to Save Money like a Secret Millionaire

Can healthy living save money and have you feeling like a secret millionaire? Or have more money to give away to help others like secret millionaires seen in the television show The Secret Millionaire?


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One dollar here adds

to many below…


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Every dollar counts and adds up


If a person is not healthy it can remove the joy to do what you truly love.  Perhaps "change" can help you move ahead.  What is holding you back?  I know when my husband first had a seizure I didn't know how to change or how to help him get healthy again. 


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Every penny counts …100 is a dollar

With my changed health direction too my low blood sugar problem is gone! It's been gone now over 40 years.  Isn't that amazing and a long time too? In my writings I hope I bring you back hungry to learn how to feel better, live a healthy lifestyle as your cheerleader.    

My interests to being a secret millionaire, at least it feels like that, is to share my interests encouraging you to get or be healthy helping others massively in the money you will save feeling better.  No promises but one of my desires for you.  What do you really love about life?  For me, my dog, gardening, and family are valuable.  

Are you a dog lover?  Here's another wish of mine for you: a pampered life –  not a doggy one like Molly but feel great massively helping others.  Oh, need great company? The dog is it.   

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Molly's life is great-a mat and some drinks

Did you ever hear of a dog that fights over blogging?  Molly and I battle to see who can talk here.  We both have our voices in many blogs.  Here's what Molly has to say about living with us: I'm so glad my mom doesn't worry about dad's seizure returning.  Can you believe it?  It's now over 35 years ago since dad's last one.  It rocks mom's boat and heart to be exposing people to healthy living.  Mom always says: Live EXTRA ordinary going beyond what is expected. 

Molly speaks raw…

She is unedited so be prepared if she shoots out the wrong words at the wrong time.  She's imperfect and love her that way.  It's fresh raw materials from a fresh raw mouth

Molly said she won't be reading anything here.  The pooch believes everything I tell her so please let's keep this as "our" secret talk only.  Can you keep a secret here?

Molly is like a parrot…

She repeats things you want shared and others not.  So when she is around be careful choosing your words. Here she goes…My mom loves to live high in the clouds.  She had been stuck for decades and suddenly has gotten free. With that freedom she experiences daily she is here to help you live a healthy lifestyle as you see it.  She's always got money saving tips.   That's more money for her to spend on me getting acupuncture, chiropractor adjustments and reiki. No kidding I am a dog but I am treated well and loved. I feel GREAT most times.  My parents think I am their kid — well sort of.  I'm the only "kid" at home. Now let's get on to help you save money.

Save money? Healthy living? What? How?

Does anyone want to save money on healthy living and shopping?  Molly and I were out the other day.  I was shocked: tank of gas was close to $4 a gallon. We can't skimp on great gas, but do want to still eat, shop, travel and enjoy living like a secret millionaire to bless others greatly.

Three tips to move you to save money and feel like a secret millionaire:

Save Money Tip #1 – Shop Local and Get Fresh

Molly doesn't get to the Farmer's Market but I do–that's me–her mom.  It's not all year round where we live but when spring, summer and fall come we support our local farmers who do not spray.  We buy organics.  Now if you are in an area where you can find organics or can't afford it then see our Tip #2.

IMG 9048 300x225 Healthy Living: 3 Tips to Save Money like a Secret Millionaire

From my local Farmer's Market-name that veggie


Save Money Tip #2  – Grow your own garden inside and/or out

IMG 0639 225x300 Healthy Living: 3 Tips to Save Money like a Secret Millionaire

Pretty tomatoes that will grow massive still



IMG 0462 225x300 Healthy Living: 3 Tips to Save Money like a Secret Millionaire

Life in the country growing in an Earthbox 

Are you scratching your head and saying you just don't understand.  I don't have land.  I only have a small deck or patio.  So mom would say so...and I would agree with mom and say so what.  Yes, you can still garden outside. Mom's time saving trick and tip is Earthboxes.  They are pricey to start with but little expense after the initial set up.

Earthbox — the container — to the rescue…

No way cheap.  Pricey initially starting off but then after the first year gets reasonable. Imagine all the great fruits and veggies this container can grow for you. Oh, yes need some sun, water and fertilizer. Sometimes dolomite too–for tomatoes.  Yes.  You decide. Oh herbs can be grown in these too, but really smaller boxes can be moved inside and out so she likes the window sell ones.  Always best to read about it first.  Mom started with one and now she has 15ish.  Create a box which I call natural dog gardening for your dog.  See how dog natural herbal remedies saves money or even natural herbal remedies for you also saves. 

Save Money tip #3 – Shop for Junk

Mommy told me that it is rude to say this but I still have to share my "raw" mouth: "one man's junk is another man's treasure."  Where can you find this junk and what can you find.  Can you really save money?  Can I find new stuff?   Look for thrift stores, garage sales, online at freecycle lists or visit the flea market. Some churches have clothing exchanges. If they don't start one. Even some mommy groups have them.  You mean I don't have to break the bank to wear designer jeans or name brands items? No you don't have to break any bank to look like a million bucks saving money and eating healthy for living better each day. Does it feel like you too can be a secret millionaire having more for other things or do things that saving money can help with?   

Reflecting and Acting

Can you see how you can save money whether a boomer, on limited income? Save for your pet, family or friend? The farmer's market is a great way to support local farmers.  Junk is not always junk to people like me.  Wow to the many books I bought there.  Take up gardening.  Take action on one tip shared today.  How can I help?

Would love to hear your comments below. Share us with others.


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Carol Giambri is a back to basics person who embraces living a simple natural lifestyle that includes healthy eating, healthy living and using healthy products including cleaning supplies. She coaches people who desire to eat differently, see life through different eyes, and live life more fully feeling well with joy as they age.  Boom as you gracefully age she believes. 

She is a rare breed getting excited about taking pictures of fresh produce, flowers and natural scenery including her dog.  Her dog is amazing and has blogged about the dog world.  She's very into natural simple living for living.  She is forever evolving and hopes others with change as they see fit. Her simple teachings and encouragement will motivate on your journey.

pixel Healthy Living: 3 Tips to Save Money like a Secret Millionaire
PinExt Healthy Living: 3 Tips to Save Money like a Secret Millionaire

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denny hagel July 9, 2011 at 5:40 am

Great article Carol! Lots of great info! We have found lots of areas to be consciously conservative (like shopping thrift stores) so that we can live out our secret millionaire ways in other areas (like great food! Maine Lobster to name one!) Living in Florida, we have always made it a way of life to fish to fill the freezer…great health benefit and cheap!!

Olga Hermans July 10, 2011 at 10:04 am

Thank you Carol for all your great suggestions. We should watch what we do as long as we don't do it out of a poverty mentality isn't it? We should make those decisions because we feel we manage our life the way we want. Thanks for the great post!

Carol Giambri July 13, 2011 at 10:11 am

Thanks Olga for great comments. We can’t buy into “poverty” mentality. There power in our thoughts.

Carol Giambri July 13, 2011 at 10:13 am

Denny, Thanks tons for your comments. There is enjoyment also in doing the hunt and saving $ as well. Then we have more money reserved for the things we “must” buy. Even your parenting people groupies can benefit by saving money and not thinking that a thrift store bargain is for the poor–many rich shop there too. Like the “Rich Dad-Poor Dad.”

Victoria Gazeley July 14, 2011 at 10:19 pm

Great wisdom, Carol!

Carol Giambri July 18, 2011 at 1:00 am

Thanks Victoria.

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