Health is wealth

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William Londen quote:
“To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.”

I am writing to you reflecting of my own experiences. You may have other beliefs, but I am not about to judge your opinion, but share mine here.

I do believe that if you are good or great health you are blessed to save money and feel wealthy.  If you are spending all your hard earned or money you saved on sickness and medicines it can bankrupt you.  From what I see I believe many people are over medicated.  I am not a medical practitioner here so I am not giving out advise but things to help you see perhaps your buying power a little differently.

Let me give you my husband’s story. He was diagnosed with epilepsy over 30 years ago. It didn’t run in the family.  It happened one night and diagnosed in the hospital for that sudden occurrence.  I was health oriented at this point so drugs was something he took out of emergency while I checked things out.  For 10 days he did drugs, per his doctor’s orders, but then my search showed there were other alternative options.

In six weeks he got all better and has remained that way since.

So I believe we were wealthy in our decision to go an alternative route for us. I can’t say for you the route, but for us it worked.

Can drugs make you feel, old, look tired and more?  Many do have side effects they say so do an online search of what that is.  I can’t speak on that behalf if it makes you look old either, but you figure it out.

In my search I discovered this website:

I have not used his services but I do have a question and may just check him out.

How about taking your health challenge, looking up alternative treatment for whatever it is and see if there are natural supplements or fruits and veggies that can help you. Of course check with your medical practitioner always.  They have the medical degree and I don’t.

May your great health make you feel like a million bucks as you age!

Toasting to your great health with a carrot, celery, beet drink my juicer makes.  In USA I can have new ones shipped to you.

Best way to contact me is being on twitter: CarolGiambri

Enjoy great health or if not the case perhaps considering some alternatives may be something to explore.   No endorsements here, but the way I saw hubby healed.


Carol Giambri

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PinExt Health is wealth

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