Is your great dog feeling your anger?

PinExt Is your great dog feeling your anger?

Imagine you are feeling relaxed, your dog senses that too and suddenly you are over boiling with anger because of something that happened ten years ago.  It's like you are a teabag that just got dunked into hot water.  For me, think of the time that I didn't watch my pressure cooker and suddenly it exploded with pea soup all over the ceiling. Is it fair for the dog to be subjected to your frustrations when he is the only around to lash out at?  Or how would you respond if someone did that to you.

The great news is that there are ways to cool your anger. There are ways you can cool your anger. Here are just five suggestions that can help you simmer your anger before it becomes like my pressure cooker story.

1.  Take a run or fast walk Perhaps grab your running shoes and get out the door fast so you release all that "steam" that you still have in you.

2.  Music Is there a particular artist you love listening to that can help you relax?  If so, keep that type of cd near by so you can just plop it into your player when needed.

3.  Friends Friends are great, but of course they may just be ears to hear you with.  At least it is a listening ear, and if you are asking for suggestions you may get that. Having a good friend is always a nice back up plan. True friends are a gift so cherish them for these special moments.

4.  Journaling Are you able to have a journal near by so you can start writing whatever you desire in private.  It's a good way to reflect and see where your emotional barometer is set.

5.  Mediate Calming yourself in you favorite chair may be a great way to just settle your mind down. I'm certain there are many other tools you may consider using to deal with your anger. 

These are just a few that may be close by but you never thought of. So please think about your dog who probably is innocent being close by and getting very upset because of your anger.  Your toolbox is ready to be opened, but you have to remember to pull a tool out when you are feeling yourself reach the boiling point. Here's a video on anger. Enjoy.



Cheers, Carol Giambri, the dog lover

pixel Is your great dog feeling your anger?
PinExt Is your great dog feeling your anger?

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