Get FIT at ANY age!

PinExt Get FIT at ANY age!

No excuses please.  Money, time, belonging to a gym are not good enough excuses.  Assuming you can move around you can walk, get some exercise bands, hold cans in your hands, lay on the floor, with or without a mat. You can lift your feet, lay on the floor and do some yoga.  It doesn’t have to be expensive but it has to be ACTionable.  You have to ACT to be set into gear like a car.

Many ways to be creative in exercising daily without fancy equipment.

Just do google search and look for inexpensive ways to exercise at home.

Oh, if you have a dog, maybe you and the dog can walk together. You both will be happy and feel better.

Till I chat again with another post, Get FIT.  Just wanted to share a quick word with ya now as I am thinking about all the fun I have a TBK-turbo kickbox.

Oh, here’s a link for the exercise bands to get you started.  They are also called resistance bands.  Here ya go:

If you are more advanced please google resistance bands exercises intermediate or advanced.

Oh, move at your own pace in whatever you do, but do move!

Shake, shake your body–get moving and keep moving for your lifestyle daily.

Cheers till we chat again.  Hope this was “food for thought.”

Carol Giambri

pixel Get FIT at ANY age!
PinExt Get FIT at ANY age!

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David King July 3, 2009 at 3:51 pm

Great Post Carol!

Keep it up!

I am ready to exercise now!


p.s. I actually probably will!

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