Are you genuine to your dog and yourself?

PinExt Are you genuine to your dog and yourself?

Be real – Be Genuine

As you can tell the title is about "real."  Living up to that word helps you cope with real situations that throws real challenges.

The past is never coming back (gone forever)

In this world we are not exempt from situations that rise up out of circumstances or just suddenly happen.

As a women who has been a through set backs to make it to come back and breakthroughs I can share that real women are real people who share realness. 

A Dogs unconditional love is forever

But, through it all the greatest gift I have found without any judgment, just being a great listening ear are many adopted and loved dogs.

They too can share real stories of what they have come from before stepping foot in our household.  What they experienced in their  past is made up with the gift of love they brought to us.  It is a honor to be able to call them our own and show them this house is theirs forever. They pretty much rule our house with their 4 paws.  Presently only one dog but nursed her back from LUPUS. She is totally HEALED.  I'm glad we were able to devote our time to just one dog with all the alternative needs we gave her and expense.  It was all worth it. 

Have they had bad owners? Have some of us people had the wrong DNA parents?  Have we seen life turned upside down? But, we survived not just thrived.  Our attitude counts.  You can have a good one or a bad one. It's a decision or some say a choice.  Regardless being real is real! Genuine is still genuine and will always be embraced by others.  Even your smart dog knows if you are genuine. 

You can no longer take your word to the bank or just be a hand shake for an agreement but still being real will be seen by most.

There are still some professional "non real people" out there who survive on not being authentic.

However, I never met a dog that arrived here in more than 40 years who has not experienced real love from real parents.

They may have come with a real agenda into this new house, but their past was left at the door step once they arrived here showered with TONS of love.  Love melts the bitter heart.

Are you able to be real to yourself, to your friends and to your pets?  When you are real the whole world around you shines brighter.

How can you get through the maze without having to be doped up or numbed on medicine?  Here's one action step you can take now is start to journal.  Keep it private as it is a silent conversation with others. Share away to yourself.

Get yourself a notebook, mark it so you can find it, but keep it private as well, and start writing in it at least daily or when times of frustration hit your heart.  It's a great way to peel off the layers of being bitter, depressed and angry.

"Accept everything about yourself–I mean everything, You are you and that is the beginning and the end–no apologies, no regrets."–Clark Moustakas

Tip: A nice treat for your dog would be a natural dog garden and some homemade dog food.  Watch for my blogs to reflect why/how.

Can you help share me with others who may love knowing about me?  I'm on Facebook as Carol Rosenberg Giambri and would love to connect as a friend.  Positive comments welcome.

Cheers and wags from Molly


Carol Giambri, a voice to the dogs, an adopted dog lover over 40  years now and still loving never returning one back

pixel Are you genuine to your dog and yourself?
PinExt Are you genuine to your dog and yourself?

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Sue Graber January 25, 2011 at 9:58 pm

Love your post, Carol….. If only people could be as authentic as dogs! :)

Carol Giambri January 25, 2011 at 10:09 pm

Thanks Sue. It’s one of my passions and seeing my dog healed of LUPUS is amazing beyond what the 3 clinics indicated being impossible! WE WON!!!!

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