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I played around waiting for our Colorado weather to change and got a late start.  Thankfully the farmer’s market Market people didn’t wait and I am blessed to take advantage of buying from their the freshest produce right now.  I love supporting their hard work and their hands.

From one end of the table, fill your bag up offers, I can find corn, peppers, onions, tomatoes, string beans,  cucumbers and many more veggies of different colors and varieties.  Am I alone in getting so excited when I see the array of colors that I can buy and prepare with my meals.

In case you don’t know much about me I love eating fresh as best as I find this is the quickest way for me to free up lots of time during the day.  With many decades of eating this way, I choose healthy choices that are generally unprocessed when I buy items or even prepare my own.

Here’s three action steps to introduce you to ways to use fresh peppers:

Buy different two colors or varieties
Add them fresh as topping to a soup
Dice them or slice them thin to add into salads

Have you heard about my VIP day here in CO for one woman, one day, one me with you.  Learn how to transition to a healthy eating lifestyle that saves time, money, energy plus shaves off years of learning so you can find more energy doing what you love doing!

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PinExt Garden eating

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