Five Steps to Spice up your life by Owning a dog?

PinExt Five Steps to Spice up your life by Owning a dog?

Imagine having your worries or depression leave you because your dog melted your heart with her love! Dogs are as wonderful as being in an amazing race!  I'm sure cats are too, but being around dogs for decades I can speak best about them. You may also feel like her fast moving tail is going to knock you over.  I am always in melt down being around my dog.  She's the bright light to my heart!   

Here are five steps to brighten up your day so you and your dog can live happily together forever:

1.  Be You

Who else would want to be you but you.  So be the best you possible.

2.  Kind

A kind word goes a million miles so why not speak kind words to your dog.

3.  Considerate

Considerate people are respectful of others.  So are you respectful of your dog?

4. Compassionate

Is your dog feeling how compassion you are by your actions.  Being compassion to them makes their world rock larger and they are so happy too. 

5.   F U N  = FUN

I love fun and so does your dog. Throw the ball, take a walk, feeding him or  her their favorite food.  To them fun is fun. How about to you?



BONUS 1:   Attitude

What you say is an attitude.  You can see the snow on the ground as sucks but for others an opportunity to catch up inside. We can choose a good or bad attitude. If your dog is feeling sick and can't make it outside fast enough, wets the floor, what kind of attitude will you have then? I don't make the dog feel guilty but loved.  Accidents do happen!  Unplanned to. Right?

BONUS 2:  Laughter

Laughter is such great natural medicine. It does so much for body and emotions.  Check out this word and see the benefits of laughter.  You may be amazed.  Later on check out a laughing youtube video. There are many so start your laughter going.  Dogs may not laugh, but I believe mines smiles so much that I call it laughter.

What do you think about this quote below?

"'A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked."- Bernard Meltzer

Cheers till we chat again,

Carol Giambri, the dog lover and voice to the dogs…love them…adopt them…be great dog owner…

pixel Five Steps to Spice up your life by Owning a dog?
PinExt Five Steps to Spice up your life by Owning a dog?

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