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Growing up in New York City's meant hot, humid summer days.  Even in the winter the cold dampness would go right through your bones from the humidity.  Getting up early in the morning to start an exercise regime doesn't work for me.  Growing up in New York City's apartment building used to walk up and the down five flights of stairs. We did have an elevator but I knew at an early age waiting for the slow moving elevator was not fun and it was quicker to grab the stairs and climb on those flights till I reached our apartment.  I also loved walking at a young age, still today, being older, and my favorite spot is at the lake. You never know what you will find there. Look and see what I found. 

IMG 0168 225x300 Fitness for Life starts NOW

Quack, Quack says the ducks headed to the water 

Does the word "fitness" make you shiver and think you need fancy shoes, clothing and a gym membership?  Or, do you say "you don't understand — I am too busy — I don't have time."  If so, you are not alone.  However, as we age, the fact is we are getting older. Want saggy or firm skin?  Is there something we can do that helps with wrinkles?  Trouble bending? Taking a joint lubrication?  Imagine seeing changing to lifetime fitness with fresh eyes.  We know  you are living if you are reading this so I conclude you are still breathing with life.  Make sense?  See how some suggestions below will ignite you into fitness or if not ignited fast then a slow flame of excitement or igniting is still ideal way to being now.  Oh, remember the race is only against you.  Set your own marathon speed to get it going.  Let others run their own race and, for you, close your ears to those who don't see your reasons to get into "lifetime fitness" action program you can design.

Here's a fun way to enjoy fitness when the season is right.  It's gardening.  Some people do inside gardening with their plants or sprouting.  Inside I love herb gardening. Imagine the smell and taste of fresh herbs like rosemary, oregano or basil.  Doesn't that sound Italian for your salad or eggplant dish?  Getting hungry?   It's more fun outside as you can take in some fresh air, sunshine and exercise.  I call it the "3 in 1 combo".  Let's play a game. Name that vegetable below.  It's in my outside garden and paying off with lots of their fruits.  Guess now.

IMG 0623 225x300 Fitness for Life starts NOW

Zucchini  — some are hiding but ready to be picked

"Attitude is 99% and altitude is 1%" ~~ Carol Giambri

Are you looking at the quote and saying "what?"  Let me explain.    If a child beginning to walk had the wrong attitude of a "I can't" would he be walking today?  Or, if he never got trained to go potty on the "pot" would he be running around in diapers as a normal functioning kid?  I'm not saying that there aren't teens or adults who don't wear diapers, but that is because of their healthy condition — not conditioning or attitude.  I bet if they could break out of the diapers they would.  Agree?  But with most of your  attitude on the right path, you can climb higher–I call "altitude stretches."   In Denver, Colorado, we talk of the Mile High city where the altitude is over 5,000 feet.  Colorado is known as a healthy, fit state for a reason.  Many are outside moving: swimming, hiking, skiing, fishing — all depending on the season of course.  It doesn't take a lot of money or memberships to do these always.  Yes, some require a license.  Ready to go to the "higher level" of lifetime fitness? I'm cheering you on even without personally knowing you.    More to come in my newsletter on how we can work together. 

Here are 3 suggestions to help you adopt a "lifetime fitness" program at your pace:

1. Alone or with others

Got a dog? Maybe a daily walk with the dog–man's best friend.   If you want company how about a rec center, gym, or being on a path that many people run or walk on?  Seeing others do an activity can rub off on you with the right attitude.  This can help get you ignited to "just do it." 

MP900422188 200x300 Fitness for Life starts NOW

Sit up crunches

2. Self motivated

Sometimes you may not have a person that says "you can do it" or 'you can feel better walking."  When that is the case you have to learn to not think you are insane talking to yourself.  I have a trick.  If you need to talk to yourself act as if you are on the phone.      

3. Aging

Breathing so aging and living is the by-product?  Women talk about aging and wrinkles.  They don't want to see this happen, but does. Not sure on the male voices however. Are they talking the same way? Can aging be reversed, wrinkles disappear naturally? I believe it starts on the inside then goes outward for your help and not just by a drug.  This is only my voice.  Listen to the voice that best works for you and no judgment on this end.  Ever try face exercises?  Facercize? Also to get your body moving with fun music try Zumba and forget your age. The music will get you up and dancing. Check out searching for "zumba music." Or, borrow from library.

MP900432785 300x200 Fitness for Life starts NOW

Pretty dancer

Reflecting and Acting:

Lifetime fitness has to start so why not now?  As you get older I assume it would be better to get in shape now than later. If anything easier.  The fastest path to get there is start.  Choose now as the perfect time. You can always find excuses from one to a million but they are just that–excuses–that hold you back.  Find a reason to get going now.  Don't wait to get sick but make healthy living a choice which compliments lifetime fitness.  There may be times of falling, but brush yourself off, and start over. Have you ever used natural herbal remedies when you have an ache or injury for a hard workout? Check your health food store for these. Lastly, can you believe there is beauty eating this way, aging slowed down and getting fit too.  I do. 

See my healthy salad gift for those of you who have read this far.  It pays to read to the end to get this.  

Bonus–Carol's Italian Salad

IMG 8640 225x300 Fitness for Life starts NOW

lettuce of choice (romaine may sound more Italian to some)







edible flowers

fresh Italian herbs such as basil or oregano.

More….salad idea

Dice these veggies but leave out the potato.   

IMG 9048 300x225 Fitness for Life starts NOW

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Good health and gardening to you,

Carol Giambri

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Carol Giambri is an expert gardener and health nut looking to save people money and add value to their gardening and  health journey.  Simple tricks is what she loves passing on.  She is addicted and obsessed to gardening.  She is a copywriter, coach, and a photograph that goes wild over fresh produce, flowers enjoying kitchen fresh organic delicious meals with edible flowers when possible. She sees beauty in living things.  Carol travels with her camera for that special moment captured that she adds into her blogs or others.  Soon she will be learning more about worm casting for that rich soil made from her produce.  Carol is a health nut for decades, manufacturer, a city transplant to country living, a dog lover and married for decades now.   When you desire to transition to healthier eating she is your "simple healthy living" coach. Carol plans to write several books on healthy living as well as a pet book where her heart still remains having seen so many go to heaven. 

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denny hagel July 18, 2011 at 11:02 am

Wonderful article Carol…the zucchini makes my mouth water! Being active doing something you enjoy is sooo much better than 5 hrs a week at a gym!! Ha!

Olga Hermans July 18, 2011 at 11:27 am

You made it sound so simple to get in gear and do something Carol; we need to get up and walk. Dogs can help us so much; they need to get out and we enjoy the walk with them. I would prefer that so much more than going to the gym…..thank Carol for your tips!

james samy July 18, 2011 at 7:34 pm

Thank you for your healthy living sharing and zucchini. Never heard about it but now i know through Carol. Great stuff

Carol Giambri July 20, 2011 at 10:08 am

Thanks James. Wait till my grandbaby picks them tomorrow. I will share picture. She’s 6 and visiting visiting from far away for a few days only. I have a tomato or two for her to pick. Been holding out for her arrival to pick these. She will be excited.

Carol Giambri July 20, 2011 at 10:11 am

Thanks Olga for sharing. My dog has been in a mini battle again so walking is limited. Today going to put this 45 pound dog in the car, take her to a park so she can see people, sniff and take a mini walk in the shade for a very limited time. Just love her and she has been great company to walk with. A wee bit hard, but then I belong to the gym so I can get my exercise there. However, never the same as being with my “best” friend–Molly, the dog. Love your wisdom always.

Carol Giambri July 20, 2011 at 10:16 am

Denny, thanks for compliment. Just back from weeding; it takes only a few minutes with the Action Hoe–amazing best friend tool–for getting rid of all weeds fast and effectively. Tomorrow granddaughter, 6 year old, will be here from TX picking tomorrow. Not tons to pick but Princess Gianna will be doing that. Been holding out for her arrival and it’s only a few day visit. Pictures coming of her in dress up Princess clothing she is bringing: gown and crown. Wish I had a more abundant crop but the gold squash is gorgeous. Green is green, but yellow gold is not but yes amazing.

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