What are 5 Kinds of Dog Exercises?

PinExt What are 5 Kinds of Dog Exercises?

Dog exercises can be as creative as your imagination and not expensive to your wallet. Are you wondering how often–once a day, weekly, yearly or never?  There are pet owners who don't spend time exercising man's best friend.  Some dogs are indoors all day and get out only for a short time.  Is this fair to the hound? 

Why exercise?

Daily exercising can help avoid behavior problems, obesity, poor muscle tone, bone disorders, enhance circulation and help the lungs and heart muscles.  It could cut down on destructive behaviors such as chewing up furniture or breaking into “pillows.”  Dogs cooped up all day become bored which leads to a frustrated fido.  As social creatures they love playing with people or other puppies.  Regardless of their age, breed or size exercise is important.  They can be peaceful after exercise.  

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Molly's smiling after today's walk

Did you ever wonder…
Why don't we have indoor gyms for domesticated animals? I have not yet heard of any.  Do you think owners should have to pay a membership fee or pay as you go?  Should the city build it or be privately owned? Colorado weather is strange. It can be sunny one minute, rainy the next or snow suddenly in the forecast. You just never know what to expect here.  Indoor facility would be great.   

"Can a dog’s happiness be measured by his exercise program?" Carol Giambri


Patiently waiting for exercise

5 kinds of exercise:  

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My friend's dog is patient and serious about exercising


1. Walking

I love walking fast around the lake with Molly.  I use a 25’ Flexi leash that allows me to lead her and I can adjust the length as I need to.  My husband likes to take her on a "stroll" (slower walk) around the neighborhood.  She makes her presence known exciting all the dogs to run to their fences as teasing them.  Of course she runs with them too.   

2. Dog parks
Dog parks are fenced here in Colorado.  Pups are supposed to be vaccinated.  However, there is no one to check on it.  It is a great way for dogs to socialize with others.  I have not personally taken my hound to one of these parks, but have spoken to others who love doing this.  Molly is content with the exercise we give her.

3. Running
Molly is not a runner.  We used to jog together but these days she is comfortable living off the land chasing rabbits. At almost 12 years old I agree with her.  She loves to chase people off the street who doesn't live in our neighborhood.  Guess who is the boss of our block? 

4. Hide and Seek
You can run and hide from the dog and have the dog chase you after you called the puppies name.  I remember doing this when Molly was younger.  It was fun for both of us.    

5. Retrieving
Throw a tennis ball, stick, frisbee or Kong ball.  Do not toss them up in the air as it can be dangerous if the pup jumps ending up with knee or other injuries.  It is best to toss far out. If the dog is ever injured I would look for natural dog herbal medicines sold at health food stores. I don't use drugs.  This is my suggestion since I don't practice using drugs.  

Some dogs may have to be trained on how to play the “retrieve” game.  Have you seen how happy a dog is after they retrieved the "find?"  Sometimes they get so excited they don't want to let go for the next toss.  Am I right?

Should I bring a treat along? 

Consider bringing a carrot for after the exercise program. They love them.  Consider growing your carrots in a natural dog garden for you too. Please forget the chemicals. Think organics only for the garden and the dog. 

A dog massage and one for you…

Dogs love being massaged.  How about considering one for yourself too?

Reflecting now…

Can you see the benefits of daily exercising your best friend? Most of my suggestions have been low cost if not free. 

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Wags,  Molly and mom Carol Giambri


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Carol Giambri is a back-to-basics person, author, leader, and holistically oriented. Adopting dogs for over 40 years she has found each to be precious and never returned one. Carol is a health nut and converted her husband and dog to eat this way. She chooses to be positive and upbeat refusing to accept the words “impossible" or "can't.” Her dog’s Lupus recovery is a great example of not quitting even when she got gloom reports from three vet clinics.  As a result of her life experiences she is passionate about eating healthy, hunting for edible weeds, and teaching others to live a life fulfilled with dogs, eating well, and encouraging others who need an uplift through her voice. She leads a healthy eating group in her local community for years and called upon when health speakers travel to her area to promote them. Her programs and writings show people how living a simple healthy lifestyle with a dog is fun, easy and delicious without using chemicals. If you think this lifestyle is just about dogs living healthier she says it's also for people whether a dog owner or not.  Carol's vegan days began when her husband had a seizure over 35 years ago, believed he would be healed and was in six weeks. Are you ready for Carol to encourage you and your dog along your journey?

pixel What are 5 Kinds of Dog Exercises?
PinExt What are 5 Kinds of Dog Exercises?

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Sadie April 29, 2011 at 9:22 pm

Looking forward to warmer weather. My little dog wants no part of a walk outside in the cold – no matter what dog coat we buy lol. But he loves them when it’s warm. I met a couple once whose dogs walked on treadmills – guess they created their own indoor gym.

Denny April 30, 2011 at 12:41 am

Great tips Carol! One of the parks we visit frequently while traveling on our boat has a “doggie beach”! Sooo fun watching them all run and play like children…just loving the water!!!

Carol Rosenberg Giambri April 30, 2011 at 12:50 am

Sadie, thanks for sharing. Wow…dogs walking on treadmills. I almost say why not? I see so many comparisons between people and dogs.

Carol Rosenberg Giambri April 30, 2011 at 12:52 am

Denny, wow, that’s amazing–doggie beach.It sounds like watching “kids” play and have a blast in the sand and the water. Many people near me in Boulder, CO get around by foot and bike. I see a new store has two water containers for the dog to drink from. Healthy water too. Thanks for sharing.

Victoria Gazeley April 30, 2011 at 2:34 am

I often think of all those poor dogs cooped up all day at home, with only a short walk when their ‘people’ get home from work. Especially the working dogs… This is definitely food for thought, Carol – thanks.

Sue Graber April 30, 2011 at 3:30 am

Carol, I never thought about playing hide and seek with a dog…FUN!!!

Carol Rosenberg Giambri April 30, 2011 at 2:26 pm

Victoria, some of them even get very little attention. I realize people have to work, but still a dog is a commitment. They need many of the same needs we need: touch, love, food, exercise, dental cleanings, chiro adjustments, etc. I know I am way out but still it’s my dog. Thanks for sharing.

Carol Rosenberg Giambri April 30, 2011 at 2:27 pm

Sue, we can act silly and the dog will think that is fun. They are really fun and great companions. They call them “man’s best friend” cause they are! Thanks for sharing.

Solvita May 1, 2011 at 3:41 pm

Hide and seek sounds good Carol! I’m going to pass on your great tips to my best friends! :)

Carol Rosenberg Giambri May 1, 2011 at 5:12 pm

Thanks Soliva for passing this one to friends. Dogs love to play even my almost 12 year old. Her game is really chase the rabbits as we live on acreage. No shortage of new babies all the time.

Michele M Tremblay May 5, 2011 at 2:09 pm

My dogs love to go outside…but only when the weather is perfect. When we are indoors we do 25 jumps…I hold a treat and the dogs do 25 jumps to try and get it…(actually I give them treats more frequently) but they love it!

Carol Rosenberg Giambri May 5, 2011 at 3:04 pm

Michele, My dog never got excited about treats unless chasing rabbits is like the same thing. She is precious. Thanks for sharing.

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