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*Gain Energy Eating Healthy on a Shoe String Budget Without being a Slave to the Kitchen"

How much is it worth borrowing my 35 year experienced healthy eating brain to eat healthier?

*How much would you pay for 35 years of healthy eating experience shaving off years from your learning curve?"

*Garden all year round in a container and eat healthy too – let me help you!

*Are you frustrated trying to eat healthy, don't know how to prepare vegetarian meals, confused? Let me help you jump start and run!

*Are you wondering how and where to start when the doctor says change your diet? I've been there before and we won!

*Garden all year round eating healthy with little space

*Get into the Holiday Spirit Eating Healthy, Living With Lots of Energy and Grow Your Own Food All Year

*Eat from your Own Container Garden All Year Inside and Out in A Square Foot Area

*Eat Fresh Herbs All Year Round Even in Bad Weather and Save Money.

*Grow Vegetables and Herbs All Year Round in Containers

*Save Money and Grow Your Own Vegetables Organically

*Learn How to Eat Better and Healthy Eating in Seven Days and Save Money

*Eat Healthy For Seven Day and Have More Energy and Sleep Less

*Teach your Kids How to Eat More Vegetables All Year Round and Have Less Constipation

*Is Constipation Holding your Kids and Family on The Potty — Teach them Fast Ways to Relieve the Toilet Strain — Get Your Container Garden Ready all Year Round

*Tried, Confused, No Energy and Wondering How to “Beef” Up your Eating without the Beef.  Let’s hold hands…

*Feeling sick and confused on how to eat healthier from the garden? Let me help you plan your meals for 7 days.  Forget the “beef” and the high cost.  Save money fast.

*Garden your Way to Greater Health leaving the “beef and it’s costs” to others. Let's connect..

*Are you wondering how expensive your next healthy meal from the garden will cost? Learn a system that is cost effective and the kids will love?"

*Want to eat healthier but don't know where to start? Let me show you how in Days — not Years!

*Are you wondering why it is expensive to eat healthy?  Is it more expensive being sick?

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