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Customers are the bread and butter to all businesses.Whether you are a small or large one is irrelevant on the size.

What counts is if the customer buys a product or service.  They are the ones who take care of your lifestyle and your bills plus the abundance to be a bigger giver.

The business world is changing. Are you ready to change with it or stay behind? Excellent customer service will keep customers coming back.  My dog, and myself the bill payer are monthly customers to the vet.  It’s her pedi time.

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The Vet’s Customer

The choice is yours whether you will go and grow with your business. I believe in more than enough money to freely be able to give others in need or can use a helping hand.

The key is keeping the customers firstly and then hunting for new ones secondly.  As this site evolves watch for more to come and find out about our business services provided.

Till we meet back soon…

If we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will.

– Unknown

How can we help you?  Here’s some suggestions, but not limited to speaking or consulting which is offered now.


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Carol Giambri is a business owner of a seasonal business and is a customer service strategist and consultant.  She has assisted amazing customers for decades. Carol values what she wants in her own customer service experiences.  As a writer,For writing, she plays with words, writes blog titles, taglines and product lines.  Additionally photography, eating healthy as vegan, photographer, gardening and dogs are close to her heart.

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