Goals for business and personal life!

PinExt Goals for business and personal life!

My sign up box to add you to my list is not up yet, but I had to get this out to you fast.  We’re talking goals today.  Why or why not do I need a goal you may be asking yourself?  Read on as I think I can help shed some light here.

This quick blog is “dedicated” to some of the great mentors in my life in no particular order.  The list is not finished, but a starter:  Barefoot_Executive (Carrie Wilkerson), Bob Burg, DebLaqua and Mynders Glover, a great couple, Suzanne Evans, Lynn Terry, Christina Hills, Paul Evans (bet you didn’t know my name), Perry Lawrence, and Rob Schultz.

Imagine being in preschool and without insulting anyone due to the nature of this blog, we are going to just cover a few basics.  I will have some pdf’s coming out, but right now I wanted to share what is on my heart so it can help you move ahead with goal development.

Goal setting is a way or process to personally plan ahead.  It’s routinely like brushing your teeth before bed.  It can change as you change.  Steer your own  ship or someone else will.  Your path can be changed, but you gotta start heading down that path and begin.

-Key 1 Ruby Goal:

Rome was not built in a day so it takes time to work on starting with a goal, mixing it up a little or just deleting it and starting over again. Start working on your goal now.

-Key 2 Gold Goal:

It all begins with a first step.  One small or large step is what you decide on.

-Key 3 to Silver Goal:

Be consistent, routine, checking in daily with “am I moving closer to the my goal today with what I am doing?”.

-Key 4 Diamond Goal:

Don’t quit on yourself even if the heat gets hot or something goes sour–start over!

Example of some short term goals:

Eating: Let’s say you need to change your diet from your old ways to a healthier one. Where do you start with that goal?  Start with thinking about just one meal that can be improved.  So for example if lunch is French fries, burger and coke, how about ordering or making up a fresh salad and drink water with a slice of lemon in it?

Exercise: Let’s say you need to do more stretching or get to the gym more 5 days a week for 90 minute goal workout.  How about looking at your best days that you can get to the gym, plan your workout before going there with a goal in mind like walk on the treadmill 20 minutes, stretch 10 minutes before and after, and lastly lift some light weights and then increase to heavier ones.

Business: Let’s use your restaurant business as an example here.  Your goal may be to increase business 10% over the next six months. What goals are you putting in place to get to that point?  Are you sending out fliers, advertising in the paper, or probably better yet offer your customers enticement to bring in their friends like “invite a friend between June 12, 2010 and June 30, 2010 and save 20% on your total bill as your friend gets to enjoy our food at a fair price.”  You already have this person and now they are acting as your “sales representative.”  Word of mouth still is valuable!

Hit your goal bulls eye by starting now.  Today counts and is here!

It is more important to know where you are going than to get there quickly. Do not mistake activity for achievement.” – Mabel Newcomber

Cheers and share me with others.

Till we chat again,

Carol Giambri

pixel Goals for business and personal life!
PinExt Goals for business and personal life!

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