Health care problems for dogs is a growing concern

PinExt Health care problems for dogs is a growing concern

Imagine your dog needing medical attention and you said to the vet that is too expensive.  It can be true to your pocketbook and also your mindset; however, if you were looking to take a trip to Hawaii would you think twice about the cost? I believe the health care system for people and pets is very expensive.  How do I know? 

From a recent experience when I took my dog in for a drippy eye to a vet, who was not even our vet as this pet never needed any attention in her 10 years, and came out with a gloom report.  The vet said she had a bad tooth and possibly Lupus with a multitude of other problems.  So I thanked this vet and went onto a holistic vet–clinic #2. 

Her tooth was bad, removed and biopsy done for Lupus.  It came back progressive.  Of course this holistic vet knowing from my first visit that I was holistic caught me off guard.  Am I alone?  I did exactly what I didn't believe in and put her on some drugs for short time. It was a nightmare. Clinic #2 offered me no hope and never heard of a dog healed of Lupus.  He became history a few months later. Clinic #3 also never heard of a recovered Lupus dog but she did what I believed in.

How much was I willing to pay for her health care?  As much as it took.  I could have put her down.  Cheaper, but not better choice for me. As I write this I want to encourage you here that there may a way to save on your dog's or other pets health care. 

Here to 3 ways to start:

1.  Diet: Look at the diet you are feeding your dog?  Is it from a bag or can? Did you ever wonder how long ago it is made. Easier, less expensive in time and money would be seeing how you can add more fresh foods into the diet or make your own.  Adding fresh may be carrots, sweet potatoes, lettuce greens as starter and some fresh raw meat.  I'm not advocating as a professional you do this but suggesting with your research online to consider this.

2.  Stretching: How about taking her for run or walk or giving a gentle daily massage to keep her happy and moving going through?  Suggestion here only but maybe even a game of ball between the two of you?

3.  Talk: Are you speaking softly, sweetly, kindly, gently to your dog's ears?  I believe they are sensitive to loud, harsh screams and see it as healing to their mind. So again I ask, are you willing to pay for your dogs health care? Your other pets care?  Health is wealth! My posts are relevant to what I believe in and below is chiropractor care for dogs.  She still receives this care even after her recovery.  I call it a maintenance plan. Hope you enjoy this video below:


Cheers till we chat again,

Carol Giambri, the dog lover who loves you adopting and being GREAT pet owner and if cat, bird, horse same to you be GREAT — not ordinary, but EXTRA ordinary!

pixel Health care problems for dogs is a growing concern
PinExt Health care problems for dogs is a growing concern

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