Are you ruining your dog’s self-esteem?

PinExt Are you ruining your dogs self esteem?

I thought everyone loved dogs like I do.  Tonight my friend Val, in our hotel room, is sharing about her Brownie story.  Brownie is a cute Yorkie who has ended up with an inexperienced dog owner.  When Brownie wants to be petted Val says “GO!”  She doesn’t realize the power of touch or perhaps hugs. However she can always change if she chooses. I just love dogs and pets so much I want everyone to be GREAT pet owners.

Do you know a Val in your life? Or, can you have a Val neighbor?  If you had a Brownie, that hardly got touched, would he want another home? Would he stay around as faithful?

All these questions are questions that we can ask ourselves because sometimes humans don’t realize in their own relationships the power of touched.

At the moment I fetched out a picture that I am posting below of this type of dog–not hers, but a strange one.

Cheers till we chat again.  Remember the pet adoption lover is here….watch for “pet products” coming….

Carol Giambri

pixel Are you ruining your dogs self esteem?
PinExt Are you ruining your dogs self esteem?

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