Are you ready for a Three-Hour Bootcamp Workout?

PinExt Are you ready for a Three Hour Bootcamp Workout?

Thanks to my dear friends Amy and Tanya for sharing this incredible boot camp experience with me. Can you imagine killer workouts called Boot camp to last 3 hours. Yes, we had a few short breaks for a drink, but let me tell you if you are bored, traveling and want to experience a workout of your life then come to Colorado. Here’s the website to get you pumped up. They have Facebook presence. The people are GREAT. I felt immediately accepted into this “new” family. So you may ask why is she sharing this? Great question and let me share some insights I learned that can be relevant to your life or your business.

1. Change: Yes, super important. If I stood home, inside my walls, I would have missed meeting new friends. Plus a killer workout! I am glad I “changed my mind” about the gruel some workout. I read their website but little did I ever believe it would be that way. I reaped a new family and friends who showed so much love. So in business be able to change and show your clients unconditional love even if you meet them for the first time too.

2. Time: The time was not most convenient so early for me this morning, but I said yes and showed up. I had a blast of a time. It was not easy, but each “time” I show up I will get stronger and stronger and run up the bleachers like the other 199 people were doing–give and take a few numbers perhaps. In business it’s about the right time, the right package. Even if you walked away in business with a no answer doesn’t mean don’t call that person back for a yes several times.

3. Money: This was totally free but you can donate online to help replenish the bands that are breaking. In business sometimes it could be a free contact or a small lunch investment to crack opened a great deal, but don’t look at free as a way to leach on to something or someone. Remember to be the blessing you are called to be. In business it doesn’t always have to be a large expense to get that deal or form a new business or friendships relationship.

4. Quit: My body for three hours said quit. My mind said no and won. So in business it is easy to give up a wee bit early especially when things don’t look perfectly great, but the challenge is in the “sticking with it.” Now if you are in a bad relationship or a business that is apparently feeling hopeless, when you get to that point, quitting and starting over and wiser from the experience you already had, may be a wise thing. I say “quitting is a great option for you.” Quitting does not mean you were defeated or failed, but you can always try again. Once you quit trying and learning to me means failing. I rather not just go through life but GROW through life wiser and stronger. Show me your muscles now!

So in life there really aren’t any free rides. You want to give to others and not be a taker. If that means a flower, a card, a handshake. a smile, you will gain more than you put out. Be a giver in life and don’t think free rides will last forever.

Are you now ready for a Three Hour Bootcamp in your mind, in your business, in your attitude, in your physical workout or wherever that workout needs to be done to move ahead and never look back.

Again thanks to Joe the Great for his three-hour bootcamp workout. It was a blast that only being there can you experience. Feel no threats to compete with anyone but yourself. It starts with a small step so step one foot at a time now. Gotta begin to start!

Let me leave you with this quote I found without an author who originally said this:

“You focus your mind to train your body and the changes that begin to take place impact your mind as well. Dream it, believe it, and you will achieve it.”

I’m blogging here but I may get back to my undeveloped website since I am about change and encourage people so ladies if you are ready to be empowered here’s where I am today:

“I empower women financially challenged to turn their frustrations into flow and LIVE their DREAMS.”

I may be “additionally” starting to blog under not yet up and “running”.

Is it nap time? I feel like I earned one after today’s Bootcamp!

Gosh, this turned into a long blog. It may become 2 or 3. Just tune in.

Cheers with a smile.

carol giambri

pixel Are you ready for a Three Hour Bootcamp Workout?
PinExt Are you ready for a Three Hour Bootcamp Workout?

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