Are you comfortable using these two magic words?

PinExt Are you comfortable using these two magic words?

Recently I attended an event and heard Kevin Hogan speak of powerful "magic words" and only two are shared below.  Whether you are speaking to people or even pets they are full of life and power. 

There are two words that are important for me to share with you today.  They are:

1. Thank you

2. Please

Can you see how these relate to some as polite or good manners? When we hear kids use them we sometimes think of them as polite or raised well. When my granddaughter asked my husband for a tangerine today she didn't use "please."  She is generally very polite and just forgot. However, I reminded her of the magic word and it immediately kicked in for use again. The words "thank you" I see as complimentary to "please."  My granddaughter did say Thank You after getting her fruit. How often are these words not remembered even by adults? I have held doors for people  behind me and they just took it for granted forgetting these words.  When I don't receive that "thank you" I know I have a 50% chance to receive it. 

I gamble to see if it will come with next door held for that person. My journey is to be polite and keep holding the doors, saying thank you and please so that it may rub off on others. I want to start a Magic Words Movement.  It sounds pretty to my ears and to others as well.

Thank you Kevin Hogan for sharing with me the list of magic words — some of which I didn't even realize the power behind them. I know "now." Can a "smile" be another powerful magic word even if not spoken with a smiley face? Or one put on paper in the form of a smiley face? So if you are not comfortable in using these two magic words, practice makes perfect. Repetition or habit makes it easier each time.  There is power in "magic words" whether in business or in personal life. Can we separate these great words even.  I believe once you master them they will set you apart in all of life including selling from a store front in your neighborhood or as an online business.

Relevant to even being a pet owner I would say speaking the words "please" and "thank you" are important. Here's an example: Molly "please" get out of the kitchen. Molly moves.  You say "thank you" – good girl. Listen to this short video about "thank you" NOW. Thank you!

Cheers till we meet again, Carol

pixel Are you comfortable using these two magic words?
PinExt Are you comfortable using these two magic words?

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Vivian December 13, 2010 at 5:55 am

Hi Carol,

Nice article and so true. In my Daycare, we teach “Magic Words” and we also teach “Respect” to our children. These words are so important and the rewards are big! Miss Claire, from our local library, comes to read to our kids and she says we have the best kids. She says, they are so polite! We love “Magic Words”…thank you for sharing!


Bosal December 14, 2010 at 4:44 am

Thanks for good post.

Carol Giambri December 14, 2010 at 6:59 am

Thanks Vivian for comment. Even holding the door for adults, sometimes I don’t get thank you. How can we help kids if we can’t a living example.

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