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Health and wellness teacher, writer, gardener, photographer and advocate helping you take the journey up to your higher level without judgment but all about encouragement at your speed.  Change is a process. Ready

I love dogs so you will see my dog many times brought into the business equation.

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Carol Giambri is a health/wellness advocate, writer, photographer and dog lover.  I love playing with words, in writing, but more important love seeing you value your health journey keeping you as well as possible.  Learning to eat differently with more fiber and fresh produce is decades behind my belt.  Let me share with you tips, tricks and budge saving ideas to involve you and the family in the garden and kitchen too.  t lines.  Additionally photography, eating healthy as vegan, photographer, gardening and dogs are close to her heart.

Carol Giambri

Let’s connect on twitter: https://twitter.com/carolgiambri

Here’s to the health of your business and your body,

Carol Giambri

facebook: CarolGiambriBiz

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