Are Zappos and Udi’s being held back by gloom reports?

PinExt Are Zappos and Udis being held back by gloom reports?

Are you letting the gloom reports determine your life, business and economy and holding you back in stuck mode? Fast growing Udi’s Handcrafted Foods and Zappos thrive–you can too!!

How does that question speak to your ears and heart?   I hope this brings freshness to your mindset, life and financial blessings.

What I am sharing today can reflect on your own life, business or economy. Whose report will you believe?

Are you going to believe all is bad in this economy?  There is always cause and effect to everything.  With lots of rain here in Colorado my husband’s sprinkler business is affected negatively on the financial aspect, but to the contrary roofers are busy.  There are out of state adjusters coming in to help assess local weather damages.  Regardless of how bad or good things are you still can’t go on “stop” and not continue to market yourself, but wait for the phone to ring. Or, can you?  I believe people need each other so why not get connected with others?  Market each other. Don’t wait for others to ask for your services.  Educate your customers to share you with their friends and family before they have a problem.  Asking is not sinful if you are great at your service or product.

Today’s writing is shared as a result of my conversation with a great company busting out with new ideas and creations serving peoples stomachs well. It’s Udi’s Handcrafted Foods.  They are a few minute drive from me, but with wheels and for a great product I travel. Do you?

My husband has fallen in love with their Nugget Granola.  So has other people.  The store shelves are “lean” and quickly emptying out as we both hunted at two local stores for their granola.  Finally today I called them and got blessed.  Not only are their Nuggets still around but at their local cafe they are on sale: buy one get one free.  It took that one call to get my blessing. Sometimes your customer will feel that way when they hire you too. I was to me what others may call a “Recession Bonus Deal.”

My husband discovered this granola either on Frontier Airlines or Southwest Airlines where he bought it. I heard United Airlines now has an interest too.

Their latest gluten free products at Peopled are excited to eat bread again after years.

I’m sharing out of caring and with no financial interest but to expose you to their products.  Can you also see a way you can connect your life or business economy to get a boost or facelift? Maybe it is like reading between the lines to see “how” to implement.

In business and in life here are some 3 ingredients I believe work all the time. Can you see how to incorporate into your business model which is addressed below or even life.  Here I am sharing because of limited space the “business model” approach:

  1. Product: You must have the best product that is useful for your buyer.  Buyers want to see results. If they can see a value they will receive from the product, then they buy firstly based on value and secondly on price.
  2. Available: Are you available to help the buyer with your service or product?  I want to know that if I have a question you will return my call if you are busy or send me a reply to my email.  So where do you stand on availability?
  3. Word: If you say something can you deliver or offer the customer an alternative option? Does your word back up the product? With so many products on the market, what sets you apart from the crowd? I can say for my husband’s business we deliver customer service and experience to the max.  We care.  We remember who pays our bills and we will not put ourselves at risk by being the same as everyone else.  We are different and hard to find those standards.

Udi’s is just one example of a company that is around because they understand great ingredients to make happy customers stomach happy.  So they bring products that buyers want such as gluten free breads to millions of people.

They are not alone.  My favorite of all favorites I always brag on is  Their product delivers, their employees love their job, the boss has a work ethic model that breeds happy employee.  Customers love them too.  They are growing in this economy.

As Udi’s says:  Sit down. Eat up. Be Udiful. You may be a distance from for the ride, but you can ride the waves of the internet and order some items online.

I realize there are exceptions to everyone’s situation.  If you see or feel your  world is caving in I don’t want to judge a situation I don’t know or have details for.  I can only say I can pray wonderful dreams and blessings for you to happen fast to turn that situation around.

Here’s my quotes for today:

“Money can’t buy happiness but it can help others who need some of it struggling to get it.” Carol Giambri

Cheers till next time,

Carol Giambri

NOTE: NO part of any writings at this site is welcome to be used under your own writing as if you are the author.  Give credit where credit is due.  I see some aren’t doing that so the need to speak out and be truthful has arrived.  You can still gain fame by being real.  Tell the truth. Thanks.

pixel Are Zappos and Udis being held back by gloom reports?
PinExt Are Zappos and Udis being held back by gloom reports?

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